Ex-Mass. bishop accused of ignoring abuse in NYC
...Written by New Jersey lawyer Stephen C. Rubino, the letter provided details of years of alleged abuse by Byrns... more...
© 2002 - Globe Newspaper Company
Author: Michael Rezendes, Boston Globe Staff
Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse Meets the Civil Law
In 1984, the Roman Catholic Church began to experience the complex and highly embarrassing problem of clergy sexual misconduct in the United States. more...
© 2004 by Fordham Urban Law Journal
Author: Thomas P. Doyle & Stephen C. Rubino
The Cross Examiner
As scandals engulf the Church, one of the most prominent antagonists is a Margate lawyer - and a devout roman catholic. more...
June 2002 - Philadelphia Magazine
The Sins of the Fathers
Westmont attorney Stephen C. Rubino grew up a faithful Catholic. Now he's trying to prove that the church he belongs to turned a blind eye toward abusive priests - and helped cover up the scandal. more...
Sept. 1996 - New Jersey Monthly Magazine
Suffer the Parents: Clergy sexual Abuse of Children
The father instinctively recognized the ring of truth in the words spoken but fought with every fiber not to believe that these events could of happened. more...
February 1996 - Trial Magazine
Author: Stephen C. Rubino
Tolling Agreements
Adults survivors of early childhood sexual abuse are pursuing their legal remedies in ever increasing numbers. As a result, practice in this area of tort law has become emotionally charged for both the attorney and the client... more...
August 1995
Author: Stephen C. Rubino
Courts in NJ 'friendly' to suits alleging memory repressed sexual abuse
They have made headlines for the past few years. They are adults who suddenly remember being molested as children. more...
New Jersey Lawyer - May 23, 1994
In Pursuit of Church Assets - Inside the San Diego Diocese Bankruptcy
Standing 6 foot 6, attorney James I. Stang, a partner in the Los Angeles firm of Pachulski Stang Ziehl Young Jones & Weintraub, looms large in any courtroom he enters. more...
October 2007 - California Lawyer Magazine
The Religious Origins of Disestablishment Principles
The United States did not begin as a unified Christian culture, but rather as a pluralistic collection of religious believers, some living in tension with other believers and some more tolerant. more...
© 2006 Notre Dame Law Review
- Vol. 81 Num. 5

Author: Marci A. Hamilton & Rachel A. Steamer