For many of my national and international partners, I provide state of the art audio and visual support. My office includes an in-house video production team using the latest computer and video technology. Using video as a medium in my cases has shown increased positive results.

in-house video

Childhood Sexual Abuse Mediation Video - Patricia
Total Running time: 5 min 20 sec
Actual footage of one of my mediation videos that was used in a case against the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.
Delaware State Senate Bill 29_Signing
Total Running time: 7m 23s
Condensed video of the signing of Delaware State Senate Bill 29 giving abuse victims a two year window to report claims.
Society for Northern Renewal - Burning_Ceremony
Running time: 2 min 43 sec
In-house video footage of a burning ceremony sponsored by The Society for Northern Renewal for the sexual abuse victims of Edward Horne. The ceremony took place on January 23, 2003 at Cape Dorset, Ikaluit, Canada. During the filming of this ceremony the outside temperature was approximately -60 C.

Portions of a recent settlement brochure

Broken trust.  A story that started decades ago.  Today we ask you to look back into the mind of a young boy, in a sense stepping aside from the paper documentation of these claims, so as to imagine what it is like to be sexually abused by your parish priest. A priest that portrayed himself as not only the closest of family friends, but literally brought the word of God into the homes of these children and their parents. More